Terms of Use

Any party subscribing to an AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE™  from MYBOOK JUMPSTART, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability company agrees to the following terms of use. [NOTE: MYBOOK JUMPSTART -hereinafter referred to as COMPANY. The individual subscribing hereinafter referred to as AUTHOR-ARTIST].

The COMPANY is a non-exclusive online provider of services only which include:  Online digital product presentation, shopping cart, e-commerce processing interface, and digital download of ebooks, audiobooks and other digitally downloadable products.

The COMPANY and the AUTHOR-ARTIST are independent contractors. These terms of agreement shall not be deemed to create a partnership or joint venture and neither party is the other’s agent, partner, or employee.  All rights, titles and interest in AUTHOR-ARTIST content, artwork, digital masters, clips, and all copyrights and equivalent rights embodied therein, and all materials furnished by the AUTHOR-ARTIST, shall be and remain the AUTHOR-ARTIST’s property.

The AUTHOR-ARTIST guarantees and covenants that the AUTHOR-ARTIST is the sole owner of all rights and copyrights to any and all CONTENT posted on the COMPANY website(s). Further, if required the by the COMPANY, the AUTHOR-ARTIST agrees to pay for and provide proof of ownership and all clearances and licenses as may be legally required for uses and sale of CONTENT artwork and meta-data.

Should the COMPANY receive any claim that the use of AUTHOR-ARTIST content,  \artwork or any other materials provided or authorized by the AUTHOR-ARTIST is in violation of any third-party rights, the AUTHOR-ARTIST agrees to fully indemnify and hold the COMPANY harmless, and upon request by the COMPANY shall defend the COMPANY.

AUTHOR-ARTIST agree to be sole publishers and vendors of their digital products for which all sales revenue are paid directly into the AUTHOR-ARTIST personal PayPal Business account at the time sale.

The COMPANY provides an online platform for AUTHOR-ARTIST to subscribe to a secure exclusive AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE™ hereinafter referred to as AAS for a monthly subscription fee determined by the COMPANY.

The AAS is hosted on COMPANY website and becomes the AUTHOR-ARTIST’s secure online eStore to sell eBooks, audio-books, and other digital downloadable products.

The COMPANY shall have the right to immediately terminate or suspend an AUTHOR-ARTIST from using an AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE™ for any of the following reasons:

1. Misrepresentation of ownership of content by the AUTHOR-ARTIST. 2. Posting illegal content in any jurisdiction and such violations are to be interpreted under Colorado statutes. 3. Posting salacious content (per Colorado statute) 4. Posting inflammatory content or content to incite violence per Colorado statute). 5. Misrepresentation of any information provided to the COMPANY by the AUTHOR-ARTIST.   6 Failure by AUTHOR-ARTIST to make subscription payment to the COMPANY by midnight on the payment due date. 7. Any violation by the AUTHOR-ARTIST  of the TERMS OF USE, TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS AND CONDITIONS  published on COMPANY website(s).

If the COMPANY terminates  an AUTHOR-ARTIST for any reason or ceases operations, the COMPANY liability to the AUTHOR-ARTIST shall not exceed, actual, special, or any other damages in the amount of the most recent monthly subscription payment made by the AUTHOR-ARTIST to the COMPANY.                

By subscribing to an AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE™,  the AUTHOR-ARTIST acknowledges that he or she has read, understands and accepts the above TERMS OF USE of said site on the website(s) owned and operated by the COMPANY. This agreement is subject to and shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Colorado. Any dispute is subject to jurisdiction of the District Court of The State of Colorado. In addition to the TERMS OF USE stated above, once the AUTHOR-ARTIST has an AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE ™ on the COMPANY platform the AUTHOR-ARTIST will be subject to the conditions and provisions of TERMS Of SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY accessible at www.authors-artistsjumpstart.com and www.authors-artists.com COMPANY website.