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What is Jumpstart?

It’s the ultimate fast, easy-to-do online platform for AUTHORS-ARTISTS who want to sell digital products at their own online store!  Sell eBooks, audiobooks, music, videos, art, photos, etc. online. You keep 100% of your revenue, get paid immediately, control your own pricing and retain full ownership.   This is a non-exclusive platform so there are no restrictive contracts. Join the JUMPSTART revolution. While other platforms fall short, we go the extra mile!

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You Keep 100% of Sales

Amazon charges can vary on Kindle® & Audible®. At KINDLE® 35-70% -70% has limits & costs. AUDIBLE® pays 25% - 40% with conditions.

Get Paid Immediately

Money goes directly into your personal account. No dependence or waiting on others to get paid.
With AUTHORS-ARTISTS there are no delays with accounting or payment of funds due to you.

Control Your Pricing
Retain All Ownership

AMAZON® or AUDIBLE® can change price under certain plans & conditions AUTHORS-ARTISTS never alters your prices, and you keep all rights.


How Does It Work?

It's Your Personal Online Store. Start Selling Fast!

Subscribe for just- $19.95 / Mo. With a 10-day FREE trial. Next, quickly and easily connect your Business PayPal account to your secure site.  Upload digital products and start selling. All sales revenues go directly into your PayPal account!   By simply clicking the “Buy-Now”  button your customers can commence and complete purchases. Digital Product files are dowloaded by them and you are immediately paid !  No waiting or or worrying about getting your money.

Special Features

Our tools assist with upload, presentation, marketing, sales and order fulfillment.  You have secure 24/7 access to your personal AUTHOR-ARTIST SITE™ -complete privacy at all times.  Link your site and your products directly to potential buyers via email, social media and more!

Marketing Help

 Our exclusive  AI MARKETING 101 TUTORIAL VIDEOS™ are on-platform and FREE to subscribers.  Real help for  creating promotional materials, images and content  for Emails, Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts, Radio, TV, Print and more. Our prototype tests show that with  AI outreach marketing  you can dramatically increase sales and revenues. Let our AUTHORS-ARTISTS™ platform and AI TUTORIAL VIDEOS™ take your online marketing to the next level


All Authors-Artists are welcome, famous or not!  We are a non-exclusive platform, so you’re free to sell your products on other sites.  But, with us you keep 100% of sales, get paid immediately and control your pricing.  BIG benefits to you compared to other sites.    With A-A JUMPSTART you have  the power to shape your own destiny.   If you are an Author-Artist with digital products to sell, this is the perfect platform for you!



"It provides flexibility. I keep all the money and get paid faster and it helps me with my marketing with the tutorial videos about AI!"
C.F. Scott
5 Star Rating
'I've tried other platforms with little success. They dropped my book price so low I couldn't make money. Now I can sell my music album along with my book."
Bonnie Ellison
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"I put hundreds of hours into creating my first eBook and audiobook. I was shocked at how much of my earnings other platforms want-so I started AUTHOR-ARTISTS JUMPSTART™"
Frank Bruen
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